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Graduate Academy SERIOR…

offers trinational training programmes (Germany, France, Switzerland) to PhD students and postdocs: scientific training and mentoring in summer schools and lecture series as well as a praxis oriented program for knowledge and technology transfer.

Networks in the region and beyond: Graduate Academy SERIOR contributes to establishing Eucor –  The European Campus and cooperates with the Upper Rhine Cluster for Sustainability Research.

From 2016 to 2018 Graduate Academy SERIOR's thematic focus is on risk management in the trinational context of the Upper Rhine region.

Our approach to risk management is structured by three core areas: "security", "risk" and "orientation" allow to comprehend risk management as a complex interplay of

  • understanding the cultural differences in subjective perceptions of security and risk
  • objectifying risk assessment through the methods of natural sciences
  • gaining orientation with a view to multifaceted risk communications and in the face of differing conceptions of risks and securities.


"Intergroup contact and support for social change in advantaged and disadvantaged groups" // Tabea Hässler - Universität Zürich

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» Risques et Frontières disciplinaires « // Prof. Jean-François Brilhac – Université de Haute-Alsace

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» La société du risque d’Ulrich Beck « // Catherine Allamel-Raffin – Université de Strasbourg

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