The FOCUS ORIENTATION combines expertise from philosophy, sociology, intercultural didactics and intercultural linguistics with regard to RISK COMMUNICATION. Today’s risk managers need broad, scientifically-based and praxis-oriented context knowledge. With these competences they find orientation in the dynamic knowledge systems of our present times, for example with a view to the development of new general models for the secure society (e.g. “sustainability”), or with a view to the continuous transformation of risk definitions. Which non-scientific convictions rival the authority of scientific knowledge today? How would a culture look like in which risk management is made possible? What are the effects when responsibilities for risk protection shift between the individual and the state? According to which ethical guiding principles do limited social resources get allocated to efforts that seek to minimize an unlimited number of risks? And which competences are necessary in order to discuss and solve such questions within an intercultural as well as inter- and transdisciplinary context?

Qualification modules

  • Reflexive competences on society’s normative guiding principles
  • Reflexive competences on culture an ethical core values for decisions
  • Reflexive competences on knowledge systems
  • Reflexive competences on structural and individual security
  • Intercultural as well as inter- and transdisciplinary communication competences